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The Ezrin Peptide Story. Dr Rupert Holms invented ezrin peptide therapy in 1993, based on a small part of a human protein called "ezrin". The technology was developed into a product in Moscow and HEP-1 "Gepon" was launched in Russia in 2001 as an immunity amplifier.

Dr Holms is now back in London and on a mission to stop sex infections. 


Ezrin Peptides are Safe. Long term animal safety studies in Russia revealed long term use of ezrin peptides resulted in no negative effects.  No toxicity, adverse reaction nor allergy has ever been detected with ezrin peptides, which have been used by more than 200,000 people over twenty years


After 30 years and more than 17 clinical trials in Russia, ezrin peptide therapy against sex infections in Russia has been shown to be Effective

In Russia, clinical studies showed that ezrin peptides reduce inflammation, stimulate tissue regeneration and boost adaptive immunity. Ezrin peptide therapy stopped sex infection in ninety per cent of cases and was effective on all types of infection (viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan) 

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